Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


  • I have a complaint about my giftcard

    We are very sorry you are not happy with your gift card. For complaints about the use of your gift card, please contact the gift card owner / gift card brand directly. The contact details are stated on the back of your gift card or, in case of a digital gift card, in the e-card. 

  • When will I receive my order?

    Did you purchase a digital Gift Card? You will receive your digital Gift Card within the hour after purchase on the registered e-mail address. If you have not received your digital gift card, please check your junk mail box or contact us.

    Did you purchase a physical Gift Card?
     Orders placed before 3PM are processed the same day. These orders will be presented to the post on the same day. Depending on the post, you can expect the order to receive in your mailbox within 2 to 3 working days. During busy periods, the delivery time(s) may vary due to the postal delivery delays.

  • Do I pay for shipment?

    Digital gift cards are sent to your e-mail and have no additional shipment cost. For orders of physical cards we charge shipment costs. These postal will be shown automatically in your shopping basket.

  • I cannot pay my order?

    If you have any problems placing an order or with payment, please contact us.

  • Where can I find an overview of my order?

    If you created an account during your order, you will find an overview of your order in your login. If you do not have an account with us, you should have received an order confirmation by e-mail. Please contact us if you have not received an order confirmation.


  • What is

    On you will find a broad assortment of digital and physical gift cards. Gift cards are a popular gift for many years and with good reason! On you can order any (dutch) gift voucher easily online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How convenient! is also here for you corporate orders. Wether it's a Christmas gift for your employees or you are in search of a good incentive, on you can purchase the perfect gift.

  • I cannot find my gift card anymore

    Did you receive your (digital) Gift Card but you cannot find it anymore? If you cannot find your digital gift card (e-mail) please contact us.

    If you lost your physical gift card, we can only help you if you have the unique gift card code and your order confirmation. 

  • I have a question or complaint

    If you have a question or complaint, please contact us.

  • I have a complaint about my gift card

    We are sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your Gift Card. For complaints about the use of your gift card you can contact the issuer of the gift card. The contact details of the issuer are mentioned on the back of the gift card or in the digital gift card. 


  • Can I cancel or return my order?

    When you have purchased a gift card, you cannot return it. A gift card represents a monetary value and can be spent immediately. Therefore, we cannot cancel or return your order.

  • Can I exchange my gift card?

    No. If you have placed an order for a Gift Card, you cannot return or exchange your gift card. 

  • Can I return my gift card?

    No. If you have placed an order for a gift card we cannot return this. A Gift Card represents a monetary value, therefore we cannot return these after purchase and activation of the gift card.


  • What gift card values are available?

    The available gift card values differ per gift card. You can find the available values of each gift card on the relevant product page.

  • Can I also purchase a physical gift card?

    Depending on the Gift Card brand, we offer digital or physical gift cards. You can see the availability of the digital or physical gift card on the product page of the gift card brand on our website. 

    Digital gift cards are delivered to your e-mail within the hour after your purchase. Physical cards are sent by post.

  • Can I order multiple gift cards in one order?

    Yes! You can order multiple gift cards during your purchase. You can combine different gift card brands and different values.  

    If you would like to order more gift cards and you wish to hear more about our corporate solutions, please contact us for more information.

  • What is the validity of my gift card?

    The validity of a gift card differs per brand. Please check the terms and conditions or the gift card or the balance checker on the website of the gift card brand.

    You can find the website of the gift card brand on the applicable product page of our website. 

Business orders

  • Can I get a discount on a gift card order?

    In some cases, it is possible to receive a discount on an order. This depends on the gift card brand and the total amount of the order. 

    Gift cards represent a monetary value and therefore discount is an exception. If you have a large order and would like to receive more information about the possibilities, please contact us.


  • How do I pay for my order?

    On we accept payments through iDeal. If you wish to place a corporate order, please contact us for the payment possibilities.  

  • Can I pay my order later?

    As gift cards represent a monetary value, BuyAnyGiftcard only accepts advance payments. If you wish to place a corporate order, please contact us.

  • Can I pay with Creditcard?

    No. BuyAnyGiftcard only accepts payments via iDeal. If you wish to pay in a different way or want to place a corporate order, please contact us for the possibilities.


  • Where will my digital gift card be delivered?

    Digital gift cards are delivered by e-mail within one hour after the order has been placed. The gift card will be delivered at the e-mail address you have entered during your order. 

  • I did not receive my order

    Digital Gift Card: Digital gift cards are generally delivered within one hour after the order has been successfully processed. Is your order confirmed, but you have not received the gift card per e-mail? Then your digital gift card might have ended up in your spam inbox. If the digital gift card is not in your spam box, you can check the status of your order in the order history under 'my account'. If you have not registered, please contact us. 

    Physical gift card: In case of a physical gift card, it may take a while before you receive your order by post. We process orders that arrive before 3:00 PM on working days the same day. This means you order will be presented to the post on that day. 
    Normally, your order should then take about 2 working days to be delivered. This may take longer during busy periods however. If you have any doubts about your delivery, please contact us.

Account and personal data

  • How can I change my account details?

    You can change your account details in the login of your account.